About ND Paper

ND Paper is a newly formed, wholly-owned subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited, the largest containerboard producer in Asia. We are an environmentally-friendly company that manufactures various types of high-quality pulp, paper and paper-based packaging materials. Our mills in Rumford, Maine and Biron, Wisconsin are integrated paper & pulp facilities, and our mill in Fairmont, West Virginia is one of only three in the world that produces air-dried, recycled pulp. We are proud of our 1,100 dedicated employees, who together produce more than 1.1 million metric tons of paper annually. ND Paper is headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.

ND Paper was created in the summer of 2018 through the acquisition of two legacy mills in Rumford, Maine and Biron, Wisconsin. ND Paper is focused on serving the unique needs of our customers and producing the highest quality paper products in the most sustainable way possible.

About Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited

Founded in 1995, ND Paper’s parent company Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited (HKG: 2689) was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March 2006. The company and its subsidiaries employ more than 15,000 people worldwide, in eight locations in China and one location in Vietnam, and presently has an annual production capacity of over 14 million metric tons. Six large machines are currently under construction and are expected to add approximately 3 million tonnes of capacity by the end of 2018. The company serves as a one-stop shop for a broad range of high-quality packaging paperboard products.

Nine Dragons invests heavily into modernizing equipment, improving quality, and developing personnel to maintain its position as a global leader in recycled containerboard production. Nine Dragons has an extensive product line of kraft linerboard, test linerboard, white top linerboard, coated linerboard, high-performance corrugating medium, coated duplex board, and coated white board.

ND Paper’s Core Values

Respect for People

We have respect and care for our staff and provide ongoing training for their growth and development. Safety of our employees is our utmost priority.

Minimal Environmental Impact

We hope to leave this planet better than we found it.  We highly value energy conservation and environmental protection, advocating sustainable economic development.

Quality and Customers First

Our goal is to develop ongoing long-term win-win relationships with our customers.  We strive to offer the most competitive, environmentally friendly paper products and one-stop shop services.

Caring Corporate Management

ND Paper strives to create a work environment of respect and care for others, continued innovation and improvement in management, and a spirit of work diligence.  We believe in a people-oriented, liberal, intelligent and scientifically modeled approach to management.

Social Responsibility

We want to be a partner to the community by supporting and participating in various charity and community events.

Executive Management

ND Paper LLC is led by CEO Ken Liu.

Yan Cheung, J.P.

Yan Cheung, J.P., has been the Chairlady of Nine Dragons since 2006. She is a director of several subsidiaries of the Company. She is one of the founders of the Group and is in charge of the Company’s overall corporate development and the Group’s strategic planning. Yan has over 21 years of experience in paper manufacturing and over 31 years of experience in recovered paper recycling and international trade. She has received numerous awards including “Entrepreneur of the Year in China 2007” by Ernst & Young; 2008; accredited as a “Leader Figure” in “China Cailun Award” by China Paper Industry Chamber of Commerce in 2008; awarded “China Charity Award 2008” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC and was awarded “Outstanding Entrepreneur in Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Industry in China” by China Paper Association in 2009.

Ming Chung Liu

Ming Chung Liu has been the Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nine Dragons since 2006. He is a director of various subsidiaries of the Company. He is one of the founders of the Group and is responsible for the overall corporate management and planning, the development of new manufacturing technologies, the procurement of production equipment and human resources management of the Group. Ming has over 26 years of experience in international trade and over 18 years of experience in corporate management. Ming graduated with a bachelor degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Santo Amaro in 1983. Ming is an honorary citizen of the City of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. In 2000, Ming was appointed as a member of the Ninth Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Guangzhou of Guangdong province and a consultant of the Committee for Affairs of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Compatriots and Overseas Chinese. In 2001, Ming was awarded a member of All-China Youth Federation.

Cheng Fei Zhang

Cheng Fei Zhang has been the Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Nine Dragons since 2006. He is a director of various subsidiaries of the Company. He is one of the founders and is responsible for the overall management of the operations and business of the Group including marketing, finance, procurement, sales and IT departments. Cheng has over 23 years of experience in procurement, marketing and distribution and is a member of the Third Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Chongqing.

Ken Liu

Ken Liu is the Group Deputy Chairman & CEO of ND Paper. ND Paper is North American division of Nine Dragons Paper Industries, one of the world’s largest paper and packaging producers. Prior to his position as CEO of ND Paper, Ken served as Vice Chairman at America Chung Nam (ACN), Nine Dragons’ sister company and primary supplier. For 15 years, ACN has been America’s largest exporter by container volume and recycles millions of tons of recycled paper every year. As Vice Chairman at America Chung Nam, Ken led the company’s successful growth into national accounts and logistics capabilities. He was previously a member of PwC’s Strategy practice, where he advised leading technology, telecom and banking companies. Ken graduated with his Artium Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Arts), cum laude, in government from Harvard University.