Why ND Paper?

We are a leading pulp, packaging and paper company with a vision to thrive for the next century. We are investing in people and capital that are transforming our business. Each of our mills has a rich tradition of making quality products, delivering excellent customer solutions, and serving as a beacon of industry for our respective communities. 

But that’s not all. 

We are a transformational company. We are evolving our products, innovating our approach to sustainability, investing in our people, and committing to growing our company and our communities. We aren’t “satisfied” with the status quo. We have a vision to be a growing, sustainable and leading company for the next 100-years according to a set of parameters that we define—not a set of expectations that define us. We know that requires hard work, collaboration, and an unparalleled dedication to innovate and succeed.

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It also requires people willing to go the extra mile, to dial up their efforts that extra degree — people that refuse to settle for acceptable when they know they can achieve great things.

Early Career Program

Welcome to ND Paper’s Early Career Program!

We firmly believe in the power of investing in young talent and providing an enriching experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to interns lies at the heart of our vision to create a dynamic workforce that shapes the future of the paper/packaging industry.

Participants of our program gain valuable real-world experience, learn from ND Paper professionals, join an eco-conscious company, take on challenging projects, and build portfolios for the future. 

At ND Paper, we recognize that an internship experience goes beyond the office walls. Apart from your professional growth, we ensure our interns have fun and build lasting connections. A highlight of our program is our Early Career Summit, where interns from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Maine converge for leadership presentations on operational excellence in papermaking and maintenance and early career advice. During this event, interns get to tour our Biron mill, participate in team-building exercises, and meet our senior leadership.

Are you ready to shape your future with us? 

Apply now and take the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career with ND Paper! We look forward to welcoming you to our team and empowering you to thrive in an industry that truly makes a difference. 

What Success Means to Us.

We define success by more than just a growing bottom line. At ND Paper, we know that our greatest resource is our people. Every day, our employees demonstrate what it means to be successful operators and professionals. This level of performance does not happen by accident; instead, we believe it is the possession of key attributes for success:

Hard Work

We tackle each task with determination, passion and creativity, demonstrating the willingness to put in whatever effort is required to successfully complete the job at hand.

Pursuit of Excellence

We strive to consistently exceed expectations in our day-to-day work and outperform our competitors in the marketplace, regarding professional and company achievements as a collaborative goal with the desire to go above and beyond.


We treat the company and teammates with upmost respect, operating on strong moral codes to drive company values and culture.

Sense of Urgency

We drive forward each day with speed, agility, and flexibility to capture unrealized opportunities and avoid potential risks for the business.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We act like owners, challenging the status quo, asking the right questions, and actively seeking ways to innovate and improve.


We must be fluid with ND Paper’s continuous evolution while driving change in a fast-paced environment, equipped with the ability to acclimate quickly.

Servant Leadership

We set an example by implementing the ND Paper Way through meaningful leadership with heart, empathy, foresight and stewardship.

Ready to explore your career opportunities with ND Paper?

Hitting it Big with ND Paper.

Our greatest asset is our employees. From our experienced papermakers with invaluable industry knowledge to our up and coming employees who are our next generation of innovative leaders, we employ some of the smartest, most dedicated professionals in the business. 

To be successful requires skilled employees in every area of our organization–leadership, operation, environmental, design, IT, HR, Finance. 

Below are just a few of our rising stars who impact every area of our company.

Lucas Preble

Rumford Division, North Mill General Superintendent
Lucas is a 2018 University of Maine Graduate. He was hired in 2020 as Sr. Process Engineer to help our machine rebuilds and product conversion. Because of his dedication, hard work and new ideas, Lucas was soon promoted to a leadership position at the mill. Lucas enjoys golf and plays whenever the weather will allow.

Tarot Denger

Biron Division, OCC Pulping Supervisor
Tarot graduated from Michigan Technological University in 2022 with a MS in Chemical Engineering. Tarot joined ND Paper in 2023 and has contributed to the team immensely. He was quickly promoted to Supervisor at the start of 2024. Outside of work, Tarot enjoys the outdoors with hiking and swing dancing.
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