Our Products


Backed by Nine Dragons, a global leader in containerboard production, ND Paper offers recycled and virgin papers for a variety of applications from bag to corrugating medium and linerboard.

Printing Papers

Our web printing papers provide the product range for nearly any project. The reliability of our coated freesheet, coated groundwood, and uncoated freesheet products ensures the job is done right.

Specialty Papers

Our specialty papers are inventive and adaptable, with dependable quality, superior customer service, and reliability. We are dedicated to our innovation process and continue developing new grades that create best solutions suited to customers’ application needs.


We are an established producer of several pulp products throughout the eastern and northeastern United States. In Maine, our mills in Rumford and Old Town produce Unbleached Softwood and NBHK pulp. Our mill in Fairmont, West Virginia specializes in recycled pulp. All of our pulp grades are widely recognized for their printability, runnability, consistency and functional properties. Take a look at our products below and contact us about how we can server your pulp needs.