Vision & Values

Our 100-Year Vision

We set our sights beyond tomorrow and the next quarter.

To thrive as a business and positive contributor to the communities in which we operate, we have established a 100-year vision to:

Drive towards zero injuries through an uncompromising commitment to safety

Invest to create efficient, scaled mills and operations

Build a better future through strong partnerships with our employees, customers and communities

Holistically commit to environmental sustainability that leaves the planet better than we found it

Our Company Values

In addition to our 100-year vision, we are a guided by a set of core values which serve as a compass to our work and to our culture.

Respect for People

We have respect and care for our staff and provide ongoing training for their growth and development. Safety of our employees is our utmost priority.

Minimal Environmental Impact

We hope to leave this planet better than we found it. We highly value energy conservation and environmental protection, advocating sustainable economic development.

Quality and Customers First

Our goal is to develop ongoing long-term, win-win relationships with our customers. We put our customers first, offering competitive products and exceptional service.

Caring Corporate Management

We strive to create a work environment of respect and care, continuous innovation, and diligence in performance. We believe in a people-oriented, liberal, intelligent and data-driven approach to management.

Social Responsibility

We want to be a partner to the community by supporting and participating in various charity and community events.

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