Rumford Division

Quality paper made in Rumford, means a quality product made with pride.

Our History

Founded as the Oxford Paper Company in 1901, the Rumford Mill has produced some of the most reputable products in the history of the American paper industry. From the USPS’s penny post cards to Campbell Soup can labels to paper for the iconic L.L. Bean catalogue, the story of US retail, advertising and commerce has been woven throughout the mill’s vast facilities for 120 years. Most recently, the mill was part of the Catalyst Paper family. 

ND Paper purchased the mill in 2018 and has been investing in significant capital and market transformations at the mill over the last three years.  Looking ahead, the Rumford Division will be expanding its presence in packaging papers, including unbleached kraft papers and lightweight containerboard.

Our Mill

pulp dryer
paper machines
full-time employees
of market pulp
tons of coated and uncoated freesheet
tons of packaging paper
total tons of product produced

Our Products

As one of our two integrated pulp and paper facilities, our Rumford division produces a variety of high-quality products in the paper and writing and now packaging markets.

In addition to the industry-respected coated and uncoated freesheet grades and northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp, we have added capabilities to support our expansion into the packaging market such as natural kraft liner and unbleached packaging grades.

How our products are used
  • Retail inserts, magazines, flyers, brochures & catalogs
  • Books, corporate communication & manuals
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Kraft bags and paper
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