ND Paper Old Town Donates Fire Extinguisher Training System to Local Fire Department

Old Town Division donates new fire extinguisher training system to local fire department; enables access to training for entire community.

Old Town, ME–In a continued dedication to safety as well as community outreach, ND Paper’s Old Town Division recently purchased a state-of-the-art Fire Extinguisher Training System. The team then donated that system to the Old Town Fire Department (OTFD).

In addition to training ND Paper employees, OTFD personnel will be able to train and assist companies, organizations, civic groups and community partners to be prepared to safely and confidently use fire extinguishers if the need arises.

This modern system has several advantages over other training processes:

  • It allows for the ability to have a “controlled fire” that can be safely extinguished.
  • It provides a sustainable training solution by eliminating the dirty and costly use of more traditional extinguishing agents;
  • Finally, it provides the entire community with access to consistent and up-to-date training, ensuring area business, agencies and groups requiring training have the skills they need to keep their facilities safe.

“This was a win-win for everybody involved,” said Craig Kerschner, who oversaw the purchase and donation of the fire extinguisher system to OTFD during his final weeks as General Manager of the Old Town Division, before taking on a new role within the company.

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