The Biron Division has a rich history of papermaking, and a bright future of success.

Our History

The Biron Mill has a storied history. Harnessing the power of the mighty Wisconsin River, the mill produced it’s first paper in 1896. What began as a wallpaper-producing mill, founded by the Grand Rapids Pulp and Paper Company, has changed names and ownership hands over more than a century of quality papermaking. The Mill joined the ND Paper family as the Biron Division in 2018. 

Throughout its long history, the Biron Mill has been a major player in the Wisconsin paper industry, one of the most formidable and respected papermaking regions in the world. The mill has also had a significant community presence in the village of Biron and the surrounding towns and cities in and around Wood County and Central Wisconsin. This rich heritage continues with ND Paper, as Biron is helping our company expand, transform and prosper for the next 100 years.

Our Mill

recycled packaging paper machine (B25)
coated groundwood paper machine (B26)
full-time employees
tons of recycled packaging paper
tons of coated groundwood
total tons of product produced

Our Products

We are a leader in recycled packaging and paper products, with a commitment to producing high-quality products that drive value for our customers and find sustainable solutions for our industry.

In addition to the well-respected coated groundwood produced on our 26 paper machine, the Biron Division has converted our 25 machine to produce corrugated medium and linerboard grades. These durable and in-demand products are helping drive ND Paper’s expansion into the packaging market and bring affordable, quality solutions to our customers.

How our products are used
  • Retail inserts, magazines, flyers, brochures & catalogs
  • Books, corporate communication & manuals
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Kraft bags and paper
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