Biron Mill – Safety Notice

In order for your company to qualify to work on-site at the ND Paper – Biron Division, the contractor company needs to ensure that their employees have completed our “Contractor Safety Orientation” as described below.  These requirements are mandatory until further notice.

Each test and the safety meeting sign-in sheet must be turned into Biron Mill Safety Advocate at or turned in to Site Security prior to working on-site.


This information is intended to orient you to the safety and environmental expectations required to work as a contractor at the Biron Division.  Once you receive and understand the content of this information, provide completed tests, and are qualified as an approved contractor – you will be granted access for one year from the completion date of your orientation tests.

All injuries that result in first aid or medical treatment must be investigated and reported to the ND Paper – Biron Division site contact as soon as possible.  An Incident Report must be forwarded to for review and recordkeeping within 7 calendar days of the incident.

In addition to required compliance with all ND Paper – Biron Division safety/environmental rules and procedures, as applicable, all contractors (and subcontractors) that work on ND Paper – Biron Division property MUST provide proof to the Safety Manager and site contact that discipline has been imposed whenever a contractor safety rule or procedure has been violated and discipline is warranted.  Proof of the imposition of discipline MUST be provided to the Safety Manager within 14 days of the violation.  Failure to comply with this requirement will be considered a violation of the ND Paper – Biron Division Contractor’s Safety Standards and Work Rules and treated accordingly.

Think safety first! Work together so that no one gets hurt.

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