2021 ND Paper 212 Awards

Honoring the individuals who push themselves above and beyond to help make up the difference between good and great.

From day one, we knew that our greatest resource is our people. That is why, every year, we recognize some of the most outstanding work by our tenacious and dedicated employees. As the name signifies, the 212 Award honors those who have gone above and beyond in their work. When water reaches 211 degrees Fahrenheit, it is very hot. At 212 degrees, however, it begins to boil. The addition of this one, single degree creates steam. Steam can provide power to many things, including a pulp or paper mill.

The contributions of each of the award winners demonstrates that extra effort, that incremental degree of temperature, which provides steam and power to our organization. Below is the complete list of our 2021 outstanding employees:

Winners of the 2021 212 Award

Biron Division

  • Rick Brooks, Pulp & Material General Superintendent
  • Heidi Hammitt, Timekeeper
  • Charles Kluck, Outside Truck Driver
  • Ryan Metzler, Head Roll Processor
  • Jason Passineau, Senior Application Analyst
  • Kevin Schelvan, Boilerhouse Control Operator

Fairmont Division

  • Jill Lake, Mill Controller
  • Darin Smith, Evergreen Lead
  • Chase Stevens, Storekeeper
  • Olivia Woleen, Corporate Accounting Manager

Old Town Division

  • Shon Gilman, Pulp Dryer Assistant Operator
  • Richard Higgins, Pulp Mill Lead Operator
  • Derek Jones, Woodyard Lead Operator

Rumford Division

  • Gary Clement, Maintenance Journeyman Mechanic
  • Jacob Dowland, Utilities Superintendent
  • Karl Knight, Pulp & Utilities E/I Superintendent
  • Todd Libby, R15 Paper Machine Utility
  • Peter Lloyd, Pulping Manager
  • Timothy Porter, Pulp Mill Lead Pulp Operator
  • Daniel Roy, Grizzly Operator
  • Kevin Sweetser, Effluent Treatment Operator

Sturtevant Division (ND Packaging)

  • Charlie Coder, Plant Superintendent – Converting
  • Yolanda Sudduth, Human Resources Manager
  • Sharon Delao Tovar, Plant Administrator/ Trainer
  • Tina Verdin, Interim Customer Solutions Manager

Corporate (Oakbrook Terrace and Dayton Offices)

  • Eric Bauer, Director of Marketing
  • Laura DePasquale, Organizational Development Coordinator
  • Issa Elsousou, Treasury Manager
  • Carolyn Fyffe, Logistics Coordinator
  • Tiffany Hassell, Sr. Customer Service Account Representative
  • Jason Lewis, Director of Power & Recovery Technology
  • Udaya Poojari, Senior EA Business Solutions Specialist
  • Chris Trittenbass, Sales Director
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