Steve Wareham

Sr. Director CGW Sales


“Ownership structure is critical to making the right decisions for the long haul.  As owner-operators ND Paper has an outlook that is beyond next quarter or next year.  Our consistent theme of Safe, Scaled and Sustainable operations supports our objective to be the preferred and low cost producer in North America.”



Steve Wareham is directly responsible for ND Paper’s largest printing and writing customer, as well as direct customers and third-party partners in coated groundwood sales. Steve entered the paper industry in 1992 and most of his career has been in printing and writing grades, recently expanding into specialty sales. Steve’s focus on the printing and writing industry makes him an expert on our coated and uncoated groundwood lines.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Western Illinois University and a Master of Science in Management with concentrations in marketing and strategy from the Krannert Graduate School of Management in Purdue University. He is based in central Illinois.