Our Community – Philanthropy and Service

ND Paper believes that social responsibility comes with corporate development. We believe in contributing to the local economy, supporting the community by participating in various charity events and focusing on creating a benevolent atmosphere within the enterprise. We have invested more than 200,000,000 Chinese Yuan (the equivalent of US $31,395,000) to various community welfare projects in recent years.  Both Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited as a company and group leaders have participated in numerous charities and events. A few examples include:

Annual participation in Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day with an aggregate donation over the past eight years of more than 110 million Chinese Yuan (the equivalent of more than US $17.2 million).

Support for “A Piece of Paper, Donate Your Love” project since 2016 with proceeds from an aggregate donation of more than 3.4 million Chinese Yuan applied to provide charity medical treatment to children with congenital heart diseases from underprivileged families in ethnic minority areas of China.

Development and continuation of Nine Dragons Class: an innovative program bringing in hundreds of students from developing regions to train for successful careers at Nine Dragons.

We look forward to being a responsible community member in Rumford, Biron, and Dayton.