Reliability Technician (Biron)

Reliability Technician (Biron)

Duties of the Job

  • Troubleshoot machinery problems using predictive maintenance technology: Vibration, Ultra Sound, Infrared Thermography, including data collection and analysis.
  • Monitor and maintain online vibration monitoring systems and assist with initial specification and commissioning.
  • Maintain Equipment Asset Health database and compile and issue exception reports as needed.
  • Support maintenance and production personnel in the determination of condition monitoring and reliability practices most effective for all machinery.
  • Work with operations and maintenance to set priorities.
  • Assist operations and maintenance with troubleshooting problems, participate in and/or lead RCAs as needed.
  • Reliability project work as assigned by supervisor.
  • Communicate to supervision on project and tasks progress.
  • Attend daily/weekly planning, downtime or other meetings as needed.
  • Support troubleshooting equipment failures and offer solutions to prevent reoccurrence
  • Inspect bearings, motors, couplings, pumps, fans, paper machines, and supporting equipment, service as required, and reporting irregularities to production department for the initiation of corrective work requests.
  • Must develop condition monitoring routes and operator routes, and maintain any changes, manage route updates as needed and assist with developing Lubrication routes.
  • Must follow-up on work packets, order parts and materials as necessary.
  • Assists other crafts when working together on a job.
  • Must follow all safety policies and requirements.
  • Exercise safety leadership to intervene when observing activities or conditions.
  • Work with outside contractors as they are needed in the mill.
  • Fully utilize all skills and abilities to work in a flexible environment
  • Performs general housekeeping duties and other duties as assigned by supervision.

On‑the‑Job Requirements

  • Must do considerable amount of bending, stooping, reaching, turning, and twisting.
  • Must climb, e.g., stairs, vertical ladders, steps, roofs, etc.
  • Must work safely around moving machinery.
  • Must work in high places, e.g., approximately 90′ high to work on cranes and roof fans and climb on roofs.
  • Must do considerable amount of walking, work in hot places, and work in confined places.
  • Must keep current with industry advancement in lubrication by continuing education and furthering developing skills.
  • Must be trained and certified to operate manlifts, work carts and Towmotor.
  • Must be able to respond to call-ins.
  • Must have legible handwriting.
  • Must have a telephone and live within a reasonable commuting distance of the plant.
  • Expected to respond to call-ins, work shift work, overtime, Sundays, and holidays as required.
  • Must be a safety leader.
  • Must be a change leader.
  • Ability to learn and be proficient in lubrication software management system, lube hand held devices, SAP,
  • G3PTM, and Medgate.
  • Must complete and maintain Vibration Analyst Certification Levels Category I (CAT I) thru Category IV (CAT IV)
    • Vibration Analyst Certification Level Category I (CAT I).
      • Additional $1.67 per hour upon completion
    • Vibration Analyst Certification Level Category II (CAT II).
      • Additional $1.67 per hour upon completion
    • Vibration Analyst Certification Level Category III (CAT III).
      • Additional $1.67 per hour upon completion
    • Vibration Analyst Certification Level Category IV (CAT IV).
      • Additional $1.67 per hour upon completion


  • Candidates with education/training and/or Vibration Analyst Certification may be given preference for consideration.
  • Candidates with a degree in either Industrial Mechanical Technician or Electro-Mechanical Technician or
    equivalent education may be given preference for consideration.
  • Capability to read and interpret Work Order Packets, and technical documents, such as OEM manuals and maintenance plans, blue prints, and software system instructions
  • Have a strong fundamental understanding of mechanical, hydraulic and circulating systems operation, and contamination control and maintenance functions.
  • Must have a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License.
  • Must be able to meet the physical requirements of job as outlined above.
  • Must not be allergic to inflammable materials, lubricants, or solvent fumes.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and ability to work in a team environment.
  • Demonstrate organizational skills, be a self-starter, and work independently.
Job Category: Engineer Maintenance Manufacturing Process Production
Job Type: Full Time Hourly
Job Location: Biron

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