Pipefitter Journeyman (Biron, WI)

Pipefitter Journeyman (Biron, WI)

ND Paper is a newly formed, wholly-owned subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited (HKG: 2689), a leading global paper product manufacturer and the largest containerboard producer in China and Asia. Nine Dragons has an extensive product line of kraftlinerboard, testlinerboard, white top linerboard, coated linerboard, high performance corrugating medium, coated duplex board, and coated white board. These products, along with the Rumford and Biron product lines, provide a one-stop shop for a broad variety of your needs in packaging and paper products.

ND Paper is focused on putting the customer first and is an environmentally friendly company that manufactures and distributes various types of pulp, paper and paper-based packaging materials. Our mills in Rumford, Maine and Biron, Wisconsin are fully-integrated paper and pulp mills with approximately 1,000 employees and the capacity to produce 890,000 metric tons of paper annually.

 Duties of the Job –

  •         Trains apprentices as required.
  •         Repairs, maintains and installs complex piping systems and related equipment.
  •         Locates, trouble shoots, determines and repairs malfunctions of hydraulic, pneumatic and hydronic systems as required.
  •         Installs, maintains and troubleshoots low and high pressure steam and condensate systems.
  •         Assembles and disassembles metal and nonmetal pipe and related equipment as required.
  •         Installs and maintains refrigeration units and air conditioners as required.
  •         Performs plumbing work as allowed by regulations.
  •         Performs general housekeeping duties and other duties as assigned by supervision.
  •         Perform heating, cutting & welding in accordance with the contract.

On-the-Job Requirements –

  •         Must lift 50-100 lbs. regularly, e.g., chainblocks, valves, chlorine tanks, pipes, etc.
  •         Must do considerable amount of bending, stooping, reaching, turning and twisting.
  •         Must climb and work in high places, e.g., from 8’ – 120’ elevated lifts, ladders, scissors lift, aerial boom lifts,
  •         water tower, dams, etc.
  •         Must work in confined places, e.g., inside dryers, boilers, etc.
  •         Must work with hazardous materials, e.g., corrosive acids, chlorine, resins, gases, etc.
  •         Must work in extremely hot areas.
  •         Must wear protective equipment and clothing when required.
  •         Must work with low and high steam pressure piping systems.
  •         Must operate pipe bender, pipe threader, hand tools and other trade tools.
  •         Must read blueprints and schematic diagrams.
  •         Must drive.
  •         Must have a telephone and live within a reasonable commuting distance of the plant.
  •         Expected to respond to call-ins, work shift-work, overtime, weekends, Sundays, and holidays as required by shop policies or company guidelines.
  •         Must be able to work with others in a professional manner.
  •         Must work within SAP system and computer systems.

Qualifications –

  •         Must have completed a State Indentured Pipefitter Apprenticeship Program or equivalent.
  •         Must be able to lift 50-100 lbs. regularly.
  •         Must not be allergic to corrosive acids, chlorine, chemicals, fiber glass, resins, gases, etc.
  •         Must have flexibility, reach and body height consistent with job responsibilities.
  •         Must have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
  •         Must pass respirator fit test and be clean shaven where the sealing surface of the respirator contacts the face.
Job Category: Maintenance
Job Type: Hourly
Job Location: Biron Wisconsin

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